Diet Tips For A Safe Pregnancy

For a healthy living, every one of us should have good diet and exercise regimens. This is all the more important for pregnant women. These women must eat a healthy and balanced diet. This is not only for maintaining a good health during pregnancy and the post-pregnancy period but for the health of the baby also. It is also said that the baby will follow the same eating habits as the mother. Therefore, it is highly important that pregnant women ensure to eat healthy and nutritious diet during pregnancy.

Some women always follow a good and nutritious diet regimen and there need not be any major changes in their diet routine during pregnancy. They need to do a little tinkering here and there, if necessary and they can continue following the regimen. But, for those who have not cared to have a nutritious diet regimen, switching to a good regimen during pregnancy becomes imperative. Especially, during the first trimester, pregnant women may have nausea, morning sickness, etc. and sticking to a good diet regimen will be very difficult. Some people may have more craving for foods and this may lead to over-eating. Therefore, during the first trimester, women should try to have nutritious diets and of course, your doctor and dietitian should always be consulted before you make any major changes in the diet regimen.

Calcium intake should be sufficient during pregnancy. Therefore, dairy products such as milk, yogurt, etc. must be taken in liberal quantities. Likewise, foods that contain iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, Vitamin C and D should also be taken in sufficient quantities. Fresh leafy vegetables, fruits, wholesome grains, beans and nuts supply these nutrients and they also contain a lot of fiber. These fiber foods are extremely good for the health of pregnant women and at the same time, they prevent constipation in them. Pregnant women should not have constipation at all. So, along with these fiber-rich foods, they should drink plenty of water.

Another point pregnant women should remember is that they should not eat belly-full. So, instead of eating three large meals, they can split their meals into six or seven smaller meals and eat them at an interval of two or three hours. This type of eating will keep supplying to them the essential nutrients and at the same time, they will not face the obesity problem that occurs in women in the post-pregnancy period.

Pregnant women should not have problems like diarrhea, fever, etc. Hence, they should avoid all the foods that may cause these problems. Some women may have the wrong impression that foods that contain a lot of iron should be eaten excessively. You should eat just sufficient quantities of foods that contain iron and should not overeat them because some women may have diarrhea due to excessive intake of iron. Processed foods and canned items should completely be avoided because they contain chemical preservatives that may harm the health of pregnant women.

Smoking, drinking of alcohol and excessive intake of coffee and tea must be avoided. Especially, smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages may cause a great harm to the baby.

In addition to following the above diet regimen, if pregnant women indulge in mild exercises like walking, etc., they are sure to have a safe pregnancy and have a healthy child. During the post-pregnancy period also, they will continue to have a great health.


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