Remember, Building Self-Esteem Is In Your Hands

If you observe the lives of successful people, you will find that these people have a lot of self-esteem. But, this does not mean that these people never faced set-backs or never faced criticisms. They might have had their share of criticisms, might have committed blunders and would have faced failures. But, the attitude with which they could surmount such situations to come out unscathed is more important and that is what would have lifted their self-esteem and made them successful. The following tips may be useful to you so that you can also improve your self-esteem.

- You should remember that if you are criticized often, you are worthy of being noticed and that is the reason people criticize you. They try to get the savage satisfaction by doing so. They are trying to get the "mean-spirited gratification" by criticizing you because you are much above them. If you understand this point, you will not worry about their criticism. This is the easy way to regain your self-esteem.

- The second tip is that you should not do things just for getting appreciation from others If you are desperate to make a good impression on others, you will not be able to bear even the slightest criticism. You should not forget the fact that if you accomplish big things, instead of praising you for your accomplishments, people may denounce you. Of course, they will not denounce you if you do not accomplish anything. So, if you do things to satisfy yourself and not for earning accolades, you will have a great sense of satisfaction and your self-esteem will also soar.

- You should not allow yourself to be disturbed by unjust condemnations. Here, you are not advised to ignore and run away from all types of criticism. You should take genuine and just criticism in the right spirit and try to correct yourself. You should learn to differentiate between genuine comments and unjust criticisms. The former is intended to improve you but the latter is intended to ruin you by demotivating you. People who try to back-stab or complain about you belong to the latter category. If you allow yourself to be disturbed by their actions, your self-esteem will get a severe beating.

- Adaptability is one of the greatest qualities that will give a great boost to your self-esteem. If you keep abreast of things that are happening around, if you keep polishing your skills and improving your knowledge, your self-esteem will also grow proportionately. Simply put, you should not allow yourself to get stagnated.

- You should always have a positive frame of mind. Whining and complaining about all that is happening around you will kill your self-esteem gradually. If you have a positive view of life, you will see only positive things in every situation. The stronger your positive attitude is, more will be your poise and self-esteem.

The above points clearly show that building your self-esteem is in your hands and no one else can impart it into you. But, once you succeed in building it, your life will be under your control. You will not worry about praises or criticisms. You will do things in a dispassionate way and that is the way to accomplish great things.


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