You Need Not Reduce Your Intake Of Calories For Reducing Your Body Fat

If you consult every one for reducing your body fat, you will get 2,000 pieces of advice from 1,000 people. Your head is sure to reel under confusion because some of the "pearls" uttered by these people will be totally contradictory and will also be unscientific. You may get ideas like crash dieting, starving, skipping foods, reducing the quantity of food and the list will be endless. But, you must understand that you need not reduce your calorie intake at all for reducing your fat. Let us delve deep into this point.

- It is true that you should spend more calories than you take in. But, eating less calories is not the only way to fulfill this point. You can spend more calories and reduce your excess fat.

- But the above is easier said than done. You are not being asked to do your exercises the whole day for spending your calories. By doing exercises, you will definitely spend your calories and this will help you to lose your fat. But, at the same time, you should focus on your eating pattern also.

- The most effective step to reduce your body fat is to change the way you eat. Since childhood, you may have been led to believe that you should eat three large meals daily. But, unfortunately, you may not know that the hundreds of calories present in these large meals will not be burned completely by your body. A lot of calories will remain unburned, however active you may be and these calories will accumulate as fats. So, the best advice is to split these three large meals into six smaller meals and eat them at an interval of every 3 hours. The total calories present in these 6 smaller meals may be equal to or may even be more than the calories you have been getting from your three large meals. You need not worry about them. But, since these meals are much smaller, your body will be able to burn all the calories present in them completely. So, you can easily reduce your fat.

- The second step you should adopt is to eat slowly. Experts say that you should bite and chew each morsel of food 32 times. This way of eating will help your brain realize that you are eating because brain is quite slow in knowing that you are eating. It is said that the brain realizes eating only after 20 minutes after we start eating. So, if you eat slowly, the brain will command you to stop eating once the satiation level is reached. If you eat fast, you will over-eat without realizing that the level has already been reached. This over-eating will result in accumulation of fat.

- You should drink several sips of water during your eating. This will help you to have the feeling of fullness quicker. This step will also help you to avoid over-eating.

By taking these three steps and doing your regular exercises, you can easily reduce your body fat.


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