Your Employees Are Your Precious Possessions - You Should Keep Motivating Them

If you find that the motivation of your employees is a little sagging, you must immediately take a few initiatives. No one will deny the fact that motivation of the employees is the most important tool for organizational growth. As the saying goes, "no one can walk alone always". Even if you are running a small company, you may need one or two employees because you may have to go out to meet customers, to deliver goods, to do your banking work and to do a host of other tasks. When you are away from the office, some one has to take care of the office, answer the queries of customers and so on. In fact, by having employees with you, you reduce your burden because you can delegate all the routine work to them and attend to those things that need your special attention.

The problem is when the motivation levels of your employees come down, you will get only moderate outputs from them and you will not at all be satisfied with the situation. These employees will be passing through a less creative phase and they will not be making full use of their analytical and coordination skills. Therefore, you should re-motivate them so that you continue to get extraordinary results from them. There are a few steps you can take to do this:

- You should first understand that having people with high technical knowledge will not alone give you the best results. Employees should cooperate with each other and this is very important. For example, the technical person must be cooperative with the accountant, the accountant should maintain a cordial relationship with the marketing executive and so on. So, all the employees must be made to learn that sharing knowledge among themselves will do a world of good not only for themselves but for the entire company. They must learn to appreciate the talents of other people. If each of the employees have their own personal ambitions and work towards them, nurturing cooperation among themselves is not possible. To make your employees appreciate diverse talents, they must be imparted training in complementary skills. For example, an accountant must be trained in marketing and technology to a certain extent, a marketing executive should learn the basics of accountancy and a little of technology and so on. Since they already have the basic grasping power, every one will learn these complementary skills easily. Looking down upon the talents of others will nurture ill-will and hatred and this will be detrimental to the growth of the company.

- You should ensure to promote communication among your employees. Each and every decision of various departments should be communicated to employees of other departments, unless they are classified as confidential information. In addition to that, frequent meetings of employees of all the departments should take place so as to develop bonhomie among them and also to manage and solve conflicts, if any.

- There may be leaders among your employees who have a talent to influence and lead others in a subtle manner. You can make use of their talents to overcome the hurdles you may face in motivating your employees.

- Every employee should be made to understand his or her responsibilities and you should make them accountable for their actions. By doing so, you can prevent the most poisonous "blaming culture" from creeping into the company. People should be trained to cooperate with each other to solve problems that may arise instead of indulging in "blame games".

- To re-motivate employees, you can organize outings and parties periodically. You should ensure to have a relaxed ambiance during such occasions. This will relieve them of their monotony and they will be enthused to work with renewed vigor and energy.

- Above all, you should realize that motivating employees is a continuous process and efforts should be taken consistently by using innovative methods. By doing so, you can get optimum output from your employees on a continuous basis.


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