There Is No Need To Do Exercises In Order Not To Gain Weight

Some people are so lazy that they are not ready to do any exercises. A few others complain of lack of time for doing their exercises. The point is that there are many people who come out with one reason or the other to avoid doing exercises. But, at the same time, these people also know that they should not become overweight because by becoming overweight, they may be affected by many serious ailments. If these people are ready to make certain small adjustments in their lifestyle, they can guard against getting overweight even without doing any exercises. But, this is in no way intended to undermine the value of exercises. Though exercises may not help much in reducing weight, you can have a sense of well-being by doing them.

- The first tip is one of the most effective steps that can reduce your weight or help you in not getting overweight. You may be habituated to eating three large meals daily. You should change this habit at once if you want to ensure not gaining weight. You are not advised to go on a diet. You are actually advised to eat the same quantity or may be, even more quantity than what you eat now. But, instead of eating your food as three large meals, you should eat smaller meals seven or eight times during the day. You should eat these smaller meals once in every two hours. "Smaller" meals means that it should be less than half of your large meals. By doing so, you will be continuously supplying the required energy for the body to function efficiently and at the same time, you will not increase your weight. The calories that are present in these smaller meals will be burned completely because your body metabolism will be kept on toes. But, if you stick to your old habit of eating three large meals, your body will certainly not burn all the calories of these meals. The unburned calories will increase your weight.

- The second step you should follow is to eschew the habit of eating your food fast. Here lies a secret. The brain is slow in getting the message of your eating. Researchers have proved that it will take twenty minutes for your brain to understand that you are eating. If the brain does not realize that you are eating, you will not get the satiated feeling. If you eat fast, you will have over-eaten before the brain comes to know that you are eating. But, if you eat slowly, you allow your brain to get the message of your eating and once this is done, you will also get the contented feeling quite soon. So, in order to avoid over-eating, you must eat slowly. Further, by chewing your food thoroughly, you are helping the digestion process also.

- Another very effective step for not getting overweight is to drink plenty of water daily. If you do not drink sufficient water, the body will start storing whatever little water you drink and this will increase your weight. But, if you drink sufficient water, the body will not store water and hence, you will not gain weight.

By adopting the above useful tips, you can ensure not to gain weight. These steps will help you to lose weight fast also. You can certainly lead a healthy life if you do not become overweight.


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