Interval Training, A Magic Exercise For Solving Your Problem Of Overweight

People who are overweight should adopt a two-pronged strategy to reduce their weight. Mainly, they should follow a good diet regimen. This will help you to get 80 per cent results. Exercises contribute to the extent of 20 per cent in reducing your diet. But, not all exercises will give you full-fledged results. There are people who lament that they are not able to see any concrete results, though they have been doing their exercises for so many years. This means that they have not chosen the right type of exercises that can reduce their weight considerably.

Experts in physical training have found that interval training is one of the best exercises that can effectively reduce excess body weight. This type of exercising is getting more and more popular nowadays. By including it into your exercises regimen, you can also derive immense benefits.

The first step in interval training is to do a few warm-up exercises like stretching, etc. After that, you must do your exercises very fast and quite intensively for about 30 seconds. For example, if you do walking, you must walk very fast with very long strides for 30 seconds. If you do squatting exercises, you must do weight-free squats but they should be done very fast. After doing them for about 30 seconds, you must do them at normal speeds for about a minute.

The next step is you should do the intensive exercises once again for about 20 seconds. This should be followed by exercises at a normal speed for about a minute.

The third and final step is that these intense exercises must be done for 10 seconds, followed by exercises at the usual speed for 1 minute.

Experts have proven that by following this pattern of doing intense and normal exercises alternatively, you can reduce considerable weight in the quickest possible time.

After finishing this routine of interval training, you should again do a few stretching exercises. If you are very much particular about doing your other exercises, you can have a separate session for them.

Apart from following this pattern of exercises, you should also have a good diet regimen consisting of more of fiber foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables and foods that are made with wholesome grains are called calorie-burning diets and hence, you should include them liberally into your diet regimen.

Further, you should not shun fats and carbohydrates completely. They are very much needed for the efficient functioning of your brain and for having the required energy for leading your routine life. There are certain foods that contain good fats and good carbohydrates. You should choose to eat more of them instead of foods that contain bad fats and bad carbohydrates. Your dietitian will help you in this regard.

By following such a good diet regimen and doing interval training regularly, you can easily shed the extra weight you have added to your physique.


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