Turn The Tide In Your Favor With A Good Resume And Cover Letter

Getting a suitable employment is very difficult nowadays. At the same time, you should remember that recruiters also want to cherry-pick the best candidate for their companies. Only if you send in your applications at the right time, you can land in a good job. But, if your resume is ordinary, your chances of getting the desired job are very less. Career experts and job counselors suggest that you should bestow more attention on how you write your resume. Since the resume is your first communication with the employers, it should be impressive. As they say, "the first impression is the best impression". If you create such a great impression in the minds of potential employers, you are sure to land in the employment of your choice quite easily. Therefore, devoting enough time for writing a good resume is the first step in the process of finding a job.

The following few points must be remembered while you prepare your resume. These are time-tested ones and are recommended even by career experts.

- Your resume must not be very long. You should ensure to limit it to a maximum of two pages. No employer will have the patience or the time to read a lengthy resume.

- The resume should invariably have a cover letter. Through the cover letter, you should let know the employer about yourself. Whatever you say in your cover letter must demonstrate the fact that you give utmost importance to honesty and integrity. You should also not promise to do a task which you are not capable of doing. If you make a commitment like that, that is nothing but dishonesty. Simply put, the recruiters should develop a confidence in you.

- Another aspect you should bear in mind is that the cover letter should not be the same for all the jobs you apply for. It should be altered and customized to suit the job for which you are sending in the application. Only if the recruiter feels that your approach is unique, you will be given more preference than the other applicants.

- You must give all the details of your qualifications, experience, special skills, etc. in the resume. You must also give an impressive explanation as to why you think that you are perfectly suitable for the job.

- Qualifications and experience should be listed in such a manner that the latest one occupies the first place and you must follow them chronologically downwards. The years of obtaining the qualifications and the periods of previous employments must also find a place in the resume.

- All these points and your special skills must be shown as bullet points so that they grab the attention of the recruiters.

- You must not overlook the fact that recruiters will know your characteristic traits from your hobbies, other interests and your extra curricular activities. So, you must give the details of all these things in your resume. Recruiters will be able to judge your personality to a certain extent by going through these details.

- References of one or two people must be given in the resume and these people should be commanding good respect and standing in the society. One reference may be your relative and another, your acquaintance.

Getting a job is not an easy thing in the present-day world when competition is quite high. Only if you put in more efforts, you will have a better chance of landing in the right job. Therefore, the importance of preparing a good resume and a cover letter should not be taken lightly.


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