Infidelity Need Not End In Breaking Up Of The Relationship

It is but natural that someone who commits adultery and develops a relationship with someone else other than his or her spouse, always tries to justify his or her action. But, if it is a physical adultery, saving the marriage is a little more difficult, though not impossible. Though mental or emotional adultery is equally bad, physical adultery may ruin the trust between spouses to a great extent and the ultimate sufferers are the children.

In emotional or mental adultery, the person switches loyalty to someone else and that "someone else" becomes his or her close confidant. The spouse is no more needed for any emotional leaning or support. This disloyalty can also derail the relationship and the marriage may break due to this emotional adultery also.

But, the good news is that the situation can be rectified and the marriage can be put back on the right track. But, the person who has committed the adultery should realize that the partner has made a lot of sacrifices and put up with unbearable pain and agony. The offender should also have the desire to set things right. But, only if right steps are taken, it is possible.

The offender can not expect that as soon as she or he expresses regrets, the partner will forget everything and forgive immediately. After all, we are all human beings and to forget such a disloyalty and the deep-rooted agony it has caused is not easy. It will take time. As they say, "time is the best healer".

The partner who committed the mistake should also take a few steps to prove that he or she repents the grave error and wants to save the relationship. The trust-rebuilding efforts may involve a few extra steps. Then only, the relationship can become better and stronger. But, experts emphatically say that once the marriage is saved and a good relationship is re-established, the partners will love each other more vigorously and their love bond will be very strong.

- Communication is the most important thing that can save the marriage. The person should re-start confiding in the partner. In the initial stages, the attempt should be aimed at developing a "friendship" type of relationship. So, the person should not hide anything from the partner. Only when such openness and transparency are adopted, the partner will start believing the person and the relationship will move from the "friendship" level to the next plank.

- The offender should respect the feelings of the partner. The partner has been betrayed and hence has a right to have bitter feelings about the offender's crime. Those feelings should be respected and the spouse should be given time to get over the feelings and the rude shock they experienced.

- The patching up process should be carried out with determination. There need not be any fear in taking the right steps. If fear is there, the person may falter and may commit a new mistake that may anger the spouse in a different way. It should never be forgotten that the spouse already has unhealed wounds and any new pain will derail the efforts taken for rectifying the situation.

- Your desire to save the relationship should be very strong. You should also have utmost faith that you can definitely put the relationship back on the right track. And above all, you must have patience and keep taking the necessary steps till the relationship becomes stronger and better.


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