You Can Reduce Your Stomach Fat By Avoiding These Foods

No one in this world can boast of a perfect body. Not even the so-called Miss World or Mr. World can claim that all the parts of their body are in perfect shape. That being the case, you and I need not worry about not having a perfect body. It is an impossible proposition. But, we should all live a healthy life. A healthy life is not guaranteed if we have fat belly. If we are not affected by any major ailments even if we have a fat belly, we are definitely lucky. So, it is dangerous to take stomach fat lightly. In order not to gain stomach fat, we should avoid certain foods. Let us have a look.

- Though you have a weight-losing program, you should abstain from eating baked foods like pound cake, doughnuts and so on. The trans fat that are present in such baked foods will harm your health to a major extent. Further, the excess carbohydrates of these foods will not go away from your body. They will be converted as fats and your body will start storing them. Another dangerous quality of the refined carbohydrates of these foods is that they are very quick in breaking up and getting into your system. Therefore, your stomach fat will increase very fast. After some time, the body will also lose its ability to shed fat, however hard you try.

- The second food you should avoid is the butter you spread when you eat your bread. Butter contains trans fat, saturated fat and also pure fat. It supplies enormous amount of bad fats to your body. Bad fats can lead to plaque formation on the walls of arteries that supply blood to your heart. So, it may lead to a severe stroke or heart attack. Therefore, it is imperative that you should reduce the quantity of butter you use drastically.

- You must also avoid using fat milk and should replace it with skimmed milk. Fat milk, if taken excessively, will increase your stomach fat and cause obesity.

Experts are of the firm opinion that those who crave for fatty foods do so because they are driven by emotions. Especially, when you are alone or undergoing a severe bout of stress or boredom, you tend to eat more of fatty foods. So, the only prescription to combat such a situation is to avoid being alone. You should also learn to manage your stress levels by practicing yoga, deep breathing or meditation. Of course, you can get rid of your boredom by learning a new hobby or involving yourself in a social cause, etc.

Another factor that may induce craving for fatty foods is lack of sleep. If you do not have a good night's sleep, the next day you may feel that your energy levels are sagging. You may have a misconception that by over-eating or eating rich and fatty foods, you can get over this lack of energy. But, the truth of the matter is that it worsens the situation.

Craving for such rich and fatty foods can be overcome if you change your eating routine. By splitting your large meals into smaller meals and eating them at regular intervals, you will not have such cravings. You should also drink plenty of water whenever you feel like eating these foods. Water will reduce the acidity levels in the intestines and so, your craving will also reduce.

So, by avoiding the dangerous foods listed above and by taking the other steps suggested, you can easily get rid of your stomach fat and keep serious health problems away.


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