Oh Woman, Take These Steps For Becoming Pregnant

A change has been happening in the mindset of women about pregnancy and bearing children and several women have starting adopting children. Even instances of single mothers adopting children are also on the rise. But, nevertheless, most of the women still think that only if they become pregnant and give birth to children, their womanhood gets consummated. Unfortunately, some women do not easily become pregnant. However hard they try, pregnancy never happens and they get frustrated due to that. In this context, it is better they understand a few facts and take a few steps that may help them to get pregnant.

- The first thing these women should understand is that every woman has their own menstrual cycle and during this cycle, there is one particular day which is the most fertile day. If you have intercourse with your partner on this most fertile day, chances of you getting pregnant are quite bright. This day is 14 days before the next period. You should plan your togetherness accordingly. If your husband is involved in a touring job or profession, you should ensure to be with him on that day so that you do not miss the "golden day" which may help you to get pregnant.

- It is widely believed that there are several postures for having sexual intercourse. It is said that there are as many as 64 postures. But, among all the postures, the missionary posture of your man being on top of you during intercourse is the best for getting pregnant. It is due to the fact that the gravitational force will help the semen of your man to reach your egg. It is true that this age-old position is not at all an interesting posture for having intercourse but it may definitely help you to realize your dream of getting pregnant. If you are always using this posture, you can try several other new postures and you can not really say which posture will help. By trying different postures, you will also have more interest in sex because human mind always likes new and interesting things.

- You must also closely monitor your daily body temperature. You should measure your body temperature as soon as you get up in the mornings. This is because your body temperature changes daily and the day on which your body is the warmest is the best day for having an intercourse for becoming pregnant. This should be done daily for about 4 or 5 months and this will give you a fair idea about the rise and fall in these temperatures.

- If you are a smoker, you should immediately stop this habit. It is one of the major causes for infertility. Likewise, drinking alcoholic beverages must also be reduced considerably.

- You should eat a good and nutritious diet so that you can remain healthy. This is because by being healthy, you enhance your chances of conceiving a good and healthy child. You should ensure to get a good amount of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, good carbohydrates and good fats also. Doing moderate exercises is another step you should not ignore. By doing these exercises, you get rid of unnecessary toxins and free radicals from your body. Once these bad things are removed, you become healthy and chances of you getting pregnant increase.

- Last but not the least, you should stay positive. You should not unnecessarily worry about things that are beyond your control. But, if you keep worrying about not getting pregnant and also about other things, you spoil your chances of bearing a child and your mental and physical health will also be affected.


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