How To Improve The Capabilities of Your Brain

You may have come across a few people who are very sharp and at the same time, you may have also come across some dull people. If you want to improve your mental sharpness, it is definitely possible but for achieving it, you should do a few simple things. The problem is due to aging also, you lose your sharpness. Alzheimer's disease is due to aging and people who are affected by it lose their memory. It is better you take these steps not only to prevent this disease but to improve your brain power also.

Physical exercises are very important to keep your brains sharp. You should do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily. Cardiovascular exercises are very good for improving your blood circulation. Such a good blood circulation is said to prevent dementia. Since exercises are a good antidote for diabetes and depression, the problems caused to the brain due to these diseases are also prevented.

Experts advise that you should be more sociable and mingle with people better for improving your brain power. All of us come across people wherever we go. If you are sociable and use every opportunity to mingle, discuss and move with people, you can prevent your brain from losing its sharpness. This is perhaps possible due to the fact that you will be using all your intellectual skills and attention while conversing with people. In fact, if you involve yourself in any kind of social activity, it will improve your mental sharpness. This includes conversing with people over phone also.

Making small changes in your daily routine will also help in improving your mental capabilities. For example, taking a new route for your walking or learning a new language or attempting a mathematical problem, completing a crossword puzzle, attempting Sudoku and playing timed games will help you in pushing barriers of your intellectual capabilities. Timed games challenge your brain and when the brain works harder, this gives a great boost to its capacity. You can also read and write a lot and these are also capable of keeping your brain active. In other words, the more active your brain is, the sharper it becomes.

You should also make a few changes in your eating habits. You should switch to more of fiber diets, especially to more of fresh fruits and vegetables. These fiber foods remove the toxins and free radicals from your system and hence, you can prevent dementia. Your foods must contain more of vitamins and minerals and these fiber foods supply them in abundant quantities. Especially, vitamin B is needed for the sharpness of the brain. Junk foods and processed foods supply a lot of free radicals to your system and hence, they should be shunned to the extent possible.

You should learn to manage your stress levels. A highly stressed life will blunt the brain's fitness. You can learn yoga, meditation or breathing exercises to live a stress-free life. You should also have a good night's sleep for having a sharp brain. 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day is highly necessary to have a fit and sharp brain.


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