Traits of The Modern Leader And How You Can Acquire Them

Some people prefer to remain on the peripherals and a few others want to become leaders and wield powers. Of course, if you become a leader, you will have to face a lot of problems but despite this fact, you may like to become a leader. You need not unleash your imagination and imagine vicariously how you will fit into the roles of the great leaders who adorned the history of mankind. Even if you have a vast knowledge in your chosen field and perform great things in that field, you are a leader. But, even then, the general traits of a leader will not change and surprisingly, most of these traits can be acquired.

- Communication is the most important thing in leadership. Just by having a vision, you can not accomplish great things. You should pass on this vision to your followers. There should not be any ambiguity in the messages you pass on to your followers because they may not execute your orders rightly if your messages are not clear. Therefore, communicating clearly and also as frequently as possible is the main trait of a leader.

- You must always be ahead of your followers. You and you alone must set the goal of the group first and then guide your followers and it should not be the other way. While you keep focusing and working on achieving the final goal, your followers must be asked to attend to the nitty-gritty of your plan. By having a clear vision and transferring this vision to the minds of your followers, you can awaken the enthusiasm in them.

- Once you have the plans ready for achieving your goal, you must communicate your plans to your followers. Every person in your team will have their own individual skills. There should be secondary plans to make use of their skills. Once they use their skills and finish the tasks assigned to them, you should merge all the results and amazingly, at this stage, you may have come close to your goal. Therefore, you should split your goal into separate tasks and assign them to your followers according to their skills. So, identifying the skills of your followers is very important.

- A leader should be a great teacher. There are two ways of teaching your followers. One way is to set an example yourself by adopting the right behavior and taking the right action. This is a subtle way of teaching them. Another method is to impart knowledge in them literally. In fact, when you teach your followers, you are improving yourself so as to climb to the next level of leadership.

- Inspiring your followers to deliver the best always is a great leadership quality. If your followers know clearly what benefits they will derive by achieving the goal that has been set, they will remain an inspired lot and you can expect astounding performance from them. In other words, their excitement level and morale should always be high.

- Delegating your work is a very important step in leadership. You can not do everything yourself. You should get things done by your followers. Once you are clear about their skill levels, you must delegate the tasks to them according to their skills. But, once the tasks are delegated, you should not keep interfering in their work. They must have complete freedom to improvise and innovate. This will groom them to become great leaders in future.


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