Follow These Tips To Control Your Expenditure During Festivals

You can not find any one who does not like and does not enjoy festivals. But, unfortunately, people spend a lot of money for celebrating festivals and so, once the festival seasons are over, they suffer a lot due to depleted finances. This need not be the case if you adopt a few steps to celebrate your festivals. Festivals are meant for enjoyment and fun and they are not supposed to impoverish you. The following tips may be useful:

- The first step is to change your thinking pattern. You must never try to make everything perfect for the festivals. Spending a good time with your family members, close friends and relatives is more important than spending a lot of money. Some people spend substantial amounts for buying gifts for these relatives and friends and on top of it, they spend considerable time and energy to choose perfect gifts for the occasion. Such an extravagant spending will not allow you to enjoy your festivals with peace of mind. You will constantly be worrying about the bill you should pay towards the purchases you have made for the festivals.

- Even if you and your spouse have made up your minds to give gifts, you should understand that giving a single high-qualify gift is better than giving more number of gifts. Your gesture will be remembered if you give such a high-quality gift.

- You should also understand that it is not necessary to give gifts to all the relatives and friends. There will definitely be people who do understand your financial situation and will not mind if you do not give them gifts. Similarly, you can avoid giving gifts to not-so-close friends and relatives.

- You or your spouse can learn to make home-made gifts. You can procure the required items for making these presents. But, you should ensure to make them well in advance. By adopting this step, you can reduce your expenses towards gifts substantially.

- You should always make a budget for such festivals. While making your budget, you should associate your spouse and other family members including children. Children should be made to understand the financial situation of the family and hence, associating children during such budgetary exercises is absolutely essential. You should religiously follow the budget made. When you see a good saving, it will add to your happiness during the festivals.

These are simple and common-sense tips, which if followed, will go a long way in making your festivals more enjoyable.


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