Persistence And Entrepreneurial Success

For achieving entrepreneurial success, the main trait you should have is persistence. If you have this quality, you are sure to achieve phenomenal success in your business. Doing business is not a smooth journey. You may face several obstacles and problems but if your have this quality, you can surmount all these obstacles. If you quit at the first trace of defeat or obstacle, you can never achieve success in your business. As they say, "winners never quit and quitters never win". This trait of persistence can be achieved if you follow a few tips.

- When you start your business, you should have a business plan. But, you should understand that you can not make a perfect plan. You must take the initiative and start the business. As you move along the chosen path, you can effect corrections wherever necessary. Postponing the start of the business itself for the sake a perfect plan is foolish.

- You may have a business goal and if the goal is quite big, it is necessary that you should have several milestones or smaller goals. If you keep achieving these smaller goals with persistence, you can reach your ultimate goal easily.

- The biggest enemy to the quality of persistence is the tendency to blame others for your set-backs. You must have the guts to own your mistakes. Setbacks may occur in your business and they may mostly be due to your wrong decisions or judgments. So, there is no point in blaming others for the outcomes. You must have the patience and ability to dissect your mistakes without prejudice and take remedial steps for correcting the situation.

- Negative thinking and fear of failure must be removed from your mind. If you think you will fail, you will definitely face failure. So, you should shift your focus to success and should always think about the ways to succeed. You will get the right ideas if you focus positively and persistently.

- If there is a delay in getting the positive results you aim at, you should be ready to work harder than ever. You should also see if your plans need any change. To quote an example, a writer wrote an excellent book but could not succeed in selling it. After struggling for several months, one of his friends suggested that the writer should change the title of the book. You should understand that only the title was changed and not a single word in the text was changed. The book became a best seller. Similarly, you should be ready to make simple changes in your plans to achieve success. If you are focused, remain positive and work persistently, you will get the right guidance.


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