Teeth Whitening, A Few Facts

When children get teeth, their teeth will be white. But, as they grow a little old and start eating all sorts of foods, their teeth become yellow. If they grow still further and take to the habits of smoking or consuming tobacco or drinking alcoholic beverages, their teeth are sure to get stained. This will spoil their looks and they start repenting why they have taken to these habits. But, unfortunately, even after they stop these habits, their teeth will continue to remain stained and yellow.

There is a good news for these people. Dental science has advanced so much that these teeth can be whitened so that these people can improve their appearance to a great extent. The following are a few facts about teeth whitening which these people should know before they make a decision to go for it.

- The first point these people should know is that they can rest assured that the products and techniques used for teeth whitening are harmless. These procedures are not very much expensive also.

- When these people were quite young, the enamel on their teeth was protecting their teeth from stains but as they start aging, the enamel layer has got thinner and hence, the teeth are not protected to the same extent. In addition to that, there is a lot of change in the mineral structure of the teeth also. Therefore, these people are not able to prevent stains on the teeth nor are they able to keep the teeth white.

- The foods these people eat are also a cause for the yellowing of the teeth. If these people eat more of spicy and oily foods and also sugary foods and consume dark-colored drinks, their teeth are affected and become yellowish because these foods contain excessive quantities of harmful acids.

- They should adopt patience while they choose their teeth whitening kit. Since there are many such kits available in the market, they should choose the best-suited kit. Of course, their choice depends upon their budget also because kits are available in many price ranges. But, they should ensure to choose a kit that comes with simple and step-by-step instructions or steps.

- In most of the teeth whitening kits, it is the bleaching process that is involved. In this bleaching process, oxidation of teeth takes place with the help of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. But, the high point is that these chemicals do not cause any harm and you get immediate results due to bleaching. Only people with over-sensitive teeth may feel a slight discomfort but this is a temporary phenomenon.

- If these people do not want to go for bleaching, they can use certain tooth pastes that are very good teeth whiteners. These tooth pastes help them in maintaining their teeth also. They can also use a few gels or teeth whitening trays that are capable of whitening their teeth.

- If they can afford to spend more money, they can choose to get laser treatment done for whitening their teeth. This may require two or three sittings but this treatment is very effective for teeth whitening.

By choosing the appropriate procedure and getting their teeth whitened, these people can smile confidently and can enhance their looks also.


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