Women Can Follow These Steps To Enhance Their Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Almost every woman will like to go through the phase of motherhood. As a woman, the joy of holding one's own child is very special. But, unfortunately, some women do not get pregnant easily. A few other women opt to delay their pregnancies for which they take pills or adopt various other methods. But, finally, when they decide to have children, they may not be able to become pregnant. There are a few steps these women can take so that chances of their getting pregnant increase to a great extent.

- If you are a smoker, you must immediately bid adieu to this habit. Smoking spoils the chances of getting pregnant because cigarettes contain more than 4,000 harmful chemicals in them. Similarly, alcoholic beverages also reduce your chances of conceiving. You must try to limit drinking or if possible, completely avoid the habit, if you want to become pregnant.

- Stress is another major impediment for getting pregnant. If you keep worrying on unnecessary things, your stress levels increase and you may face a few other complications also, apart from not conceiving. You must understand that you can not control every happening in life and there is no meaning in worrying constantly about things that are beyond your control. You should take life in your stride and keep your worries away. A few women start worrying about not getting pregnant also. If you live life the right way and keep your mind free from worries, chances of conceiving improve. You can practice meditation, yoga and breathing exercises to manage your stress levels.

- You must ensure to switch to a healthy diet regimen. If you are a regular eater of junk foods, processed foods, etc., you are not supplying the essential nutrition to your body. But, a good intake of all the essential nutrients will help you to improve your overall health and you will physically be ready for the experience of motherhood. At the same time, you should be careful not to become obese. Excess fat leads to release of excessive estrogen and this has contraceptive qualities. So, not becoming obese is important for getting pregnant.

- You should watch your menstrual period and know your ovulation period. If you have intercourse with your partner during this period, chances of conceiving are more.

- You can also discuss with your partner and try various new postures during your intercourse. This will not only make the act more interesting but may also help you to get pregnant.

- The law of averages will help you if you increase the number of times of your intercourse. This must also be discussed with your partner. Congenial ambiance will help you to enjoy your sex and this will also help you in the process. Experts also opine that the sperm count of men in the early morning hours will be good and this will be an effective time for intercourse, increasing the chances of your pregnancy.


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