You Must Know The Causes Of Snoring To Take Appropriate Steps To Stop It

A recent survey shows that 40 per cent of the world's population snore. If you are one among them, it is better to know why you snore.

There may be many reasons due to which people snore. But, males suffer from this problem more than females. In general, obese people have this problem. The underlying reason is when the nose gets blocked due to cold or due to some other reason, snoring is caused. The air passage at the end of the throat is the main part that gets blocked.

In general, when all of us breathe, vibration occurs in the muscles of the throat. But, when the air passage gets blocked, there are chances that vibrations may not occur and this results in snoring.

For obese people, this blockage in the air passage is quite common because the double chins in these people press against their throat and so, the air passage gets obstructed. This causes snoring.

Snoring is common in aged people also. Aging shifts the skin and muscles in these people. This shifting and the pressure created due to it blocks the air passage causing snoring in old people.

In some people, seasonal changes may cause cold and due to this, the nose is blocked. When they breathe through their mouth, snoring is caused because throat is tuned only for breathing through the nose.

Small growths may happen in the nose of a few people and these may deviate the septum that divides the left and the right nostrils. This phenomenon is known as nasal polyps. Due to the deviation of the septum, the amount of air and the way in which the air is drawn into the nose are affected, causing snoring.

For people who use sleeping pills regularly, snoring may occur because the muscles of their throat relax more than necessary. When they relax like this, these muscles sag and dip into the air passage causing obstruction to the air movement. Even during deep sleep, such relaxation of muscles of the throat can happen.

When the palate that closes the nasal passage during the eating and swallowing process becomes soft, the air passage gets narrowed. The same is the case when you have a long uvula. During your sleeping, the palate and the uvula get shifted in their positions and block the throat. This induces snoring. In children, snoring is due to enlarged adenoids or tonsils.

If you know the right reason for your snoring, you can take appropriate measures and cure the problem. But, if the problem persists even after your efforts, it is better to consult your physician because your snoring may be due to some other health complications.


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