The Secret About The Law of Attraction

You may think that you are being taken for a ride if you are told that whatever you want to achieve in life can be got by the Law of Attraction. You may heckle that this is too good to be true. But it is an unalloyed truth. Law of Attraction can get you whatever you want in life. But, just by accepting this, you can not acquire anything. Like every one, you may also wish to lead a luxurious life without any financial worries. But, your present financial situation may be highly discouraging. If you want to turn the whole situation upside down, this is the only course that is available to you.

The first step you should take to make the Law of Attraction work for you is to decide on what you want in life. You should not have any ambiguous aims. If you want to have money, you should specify the exact amount of money you want to earn. If you want to go up in your career ladder, you should be clear about the position you want to reach. Once you decide on your ambition, you should put it in writing. It is often said that written-down goals become alive. You should not stop with this. For making the law work, you should visualize as if you have already reached your ambition. You should imagine that you have already got the money you wanted to earn or reached the position you aspired for, etc. This visualization process is the main element that translates your ambition into reality.

Experts on the law of attraction firmly opine that by undertaking the above process, you are activating your subconscious mind to work on your dreams. But, only if you pass on the message of your ambition with utmost faith to the subconscious mind, it will start believing it to act on it.

It is said that your subconscious mind confers with the Universal mind consisting of all the other minds and finds out the right opportunities. These opportunities will be handed over to you in the form of ideas. When ideas flash in your mind, you should grab them and act on them. This is another important point. For the Law of Attraction to work, you should take action on the ideas you get. If one idea does not work, you should move on to the next one and so on. Without action, this law will not work.

Negativity should be completely shunned. Negativity is like the bad plants that grow on a field. Only if you weed out such bad plants from the field, you can have a good produce. Likewise, only if you remove negativity, you can achieve your aims. The law has worked for millions of people and it is sure to work for you also if you take these steps persistently.


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