Success and Mind Power

It is often said that if every one of us use our mind power to its fullest potential, we can accomplish unimaginably great things. You may have come across many people with powers like ESP, etc. The fact is that these people use more of their mind power and that is the reason for their Extra Sensory Powers. Some of these people have these powers by birth itself and a few others may have acquired them by learning and practicing the steps involved.

Researches are still taking place to find out how this mind power works. But, the sure thing is that we have seen many instances where this great power has worked. A few experts are even ready to throw a challenge to prove that all of us have the power or ability to change our minds to change the existing situations. This is called the Law of Attraction.

When you consider this law, amazingly, it also works on the principle of cause and effect like all other scientific principles. The cause in this law is our focused thought and the effect is fulfillment of our desires.

It is with the help of our subconscious mind that this law works. It is a known fact that our subconscious mind is responsible for telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. Experts on mind power and subconscious mind are assertive that this inner mind works with "The Infinite Power" or the "Universal Mind" and helps you to achieve your desires.

When you try to take the help of this subconscious mind and the infinite power, you are trying to connect both. There are more than one method to link these two.

The first technique that can be adopted for connecting them is to make use of affirmations. You should keep repeating your desire as often as possible and by doing so, you are passing on the subliminal messages of your desire to your subconscious mind, which in turn, will coordinate with the "Infinite Intelligence" or "Universal Mind" to manifest your desires. It is also said that almost everything is possible including change of your behavior and even change of the existing circumstances with the help of this technique.

You can also use the process of visualization for connecting your subconscious mind with the Universal Mind. It is again a proven fact that our mind itself recognizes things only by visualizing them as pictures. So, the subconscious mind can also be greatly influenced by visualizing your desire as pictures. For example, if you want a car, you should visualize as if you are already in possession of the model of the car you desired. You can even paste a picture of the car at a prominent place in your house and keep looking at it as often as possible.

There are some people who use hypnosis for passing on the message of their desire to their subconscious mind. But, for this, you should learn self-hypnosis or should seek the help of an expert in hypnotism.

The latest addition to this list is brainwave entrainment. In this technique, audio sounds at a certain frequency that synchronize with the brainwaves are used. This technique is used for curing acute pain and diseases in people. When this technique is used for treating diseases and pain, the body releases natural chemicals called endorphins that are capable of removing your pain.

These experts are of the firm opinion that these powers are already with us. They should be brought out and by unlocking them, we can utilize more of our mind power and achieve very great things in life.


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