You Will Not Become Overweight Even If You Attend Parties Daily

It is holiday season and when festivals are around, we tend to overeat. You may have a party almost every day, parties hosted in your work place, by your friends and by your close relatives. Of course, you can not afford to ignore these parties, lest should you earn the wrath of your employers, relatives or friends. But, at the same time, in the heart of hearts, you may be worried about the millions of calories you will be adding to your body by taking part in these parties. You can adopt a few steps and avoid gaining weight during this holiday season. It is like "having the cake and eating it too".

- You may not have parties all the three times of the day. Let us assume you have a party in the evening. For your breakfast and lunch, you should not eat large meals. Instead, you should split these two large meals into five or six smaller meals and eat them at regular intervals. By adopting this method, you will not starve also and at the same time, all the calories of these smaller meals will be burned fully. You will feel light and energetic during the party. When you are exuding energy and confidence, you are likely to be the center of attraction during the party in the evening.

- Even during the holiday seasons, you should not skip your exercises. If you feel that you do not have time, you can switch to intensive training that will not take as much time as normal exercises. Suppose if you go for regular walks for about 45 minutes daily, if you do brisk and fast-walking for 20 minutes, it will have the same or more effect than you walk at normal speeds. You can also try weight-free squats but they should be done fast. Another secret to derive maximum benefits out of your exercises is to change or mix many exercises. You can introduce a new exercise into your routine. When your body gets used to one particular type of exercise, its response will also be less. If you add new elements to your exercises routine, your body mechanism will find it interesting and respond with renewed vigor. You can also try changing the routes of your daily walk. Anything new is likely to "excite" your body.

- During the day of the party, you should ensure to drink plenty of water. Of course, this habit should be followed daily irrespective of having a party or not. But, on a party day, it is all the more important. If you feel hungry, you should verify if it is really hunger or thirst because even when extreme thirst is there, the body exhibits it as hunger pangs. So, you should drink two or three glasses of water and wait for about 15 minutes. If you still feel hungry, this means you need food. Otherwise, it is thirst only.

- You should eat slowly during the party. The first item to start with is the salad. You should eat liberal quantities of your salad. This will fill your stomach quite fast and at the same time, you need not be afraid of gaining weight. This will reduce the intake of other foods.

- "Eat slowly" is the rule of thumb during a party. The brain is slow to realize that you are eating. But, if you eat fast, before the brain realizes, you will have over-eaten. So, if you eat slowly, you allow the brain to come to know of your eating and you get satiated soon. This will help you to avoid over-eating.

By adopting these steps, you are sure to enjoy your parties without the fear or worry of getting overweight.


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