Mending A Broken Relationship Needs Collaborative Efforts

A broken relationship may break your heart. You may face extreme distress and will think that there is no meaning in your life. You will not be able to concentrate either on your work in your office or on your domestic life. You may be afraid that your life may turn out to be rudderless boat. Sometimes, you may think you will continue to remain single throughout the rest of your life. But, you should understand that you can revive a broken relationship. At the same time, you should not think that it is an easy task. You should put in a lot of special efforts for succeeding in this. The following few tips may be helpful to you to bring back love into your life and patch up your relationship with your partner.

- Your relationship with your partner consists of many areas. All the aspects of your relationship may not have been affected. You should first ascertain which aspects were responsible for the strain in the relationship because you should address these aspects specifically by taking focused steps. Another important point is that you should patch up the relationship as early as possible. If you allow the wound to get deep, things will become more difficult.

- The relationship may have been strained because of the mistakes committed by either of you or both. You should find out where you erred and accept responsibility for the mistakes on your part. You can not be biased and can not afford to ignore your own mistakes when you want to put the relationship back on the right track. You must own your mistakes and express sincere regrets. This is the first step that will lead to a re-union. Your partner will certainly appreciate your mature action if you start the process with this step.

- Apart from deciding the changes you should make in your behavior, you should request your partner also for his or her suggestions. The changes you decide may be subjective but if you take the suggestions of your partner also, it imparts more objectivity into the whole issue. But, this does not mean that you should blindly accept the suggestions made by your partner. Both of you must sit together and discuss the changes threadbare so that a workable solution can emerge. You should also list out the changes you expect from your partner. The relationship may have gone sore due to the mistakes committed by both and hence, listening to the partner's views and suggestions is one of the most important steps. During these discussions, you should not adopt a belligerent attitude. These discussions should take place with an aim to patch up the relationship and not for increasing the strain.

- When you try to make the changes as per the agreed terms, you should try to travel the extra mile and address a few additional areas also, apart from making the specific changes.

- If all the above attempts fail to yield the desired results, the best solution can be to seek professional help. You should convince your partner that relationship needs to be mended for the good of both of you and it is better to take counseling from a professional. If your partner is fair-minded and considers that continuing the relationship is good for him or her also, he or she will agree to this proposal. If you follow the steps given by the professional sincerely, you will definitely succeed in putting the relationship back on the right track.


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