How To Adopt Restraint During Holiday Seasons So That You Will Not Overeat

Holiday seasons are dreaded by a few people because they are afraid that they will overeat and that it may lead to severe weight gain. If you are one among them, you should follow a few tips to avoid overeating and gaining abnormal weight.

- Though you can not clearly say what will be the spread during the parties, you can have a general fair idea of the items that will be served in the holiday parties. So, you can plan to a certain extent what you will eat and drink in these parties. This will help you to avoid binging and over-eating. If you unexpectedly see a favorite item in one of the parties, you can make slight changes in your plan and eat this item and avoid another. Likewise, if some one very close to you insists that you should eat a particular item, you should refrain from eating another you originally planned to eat.

- You should make it a point to sit and eat during parties. The problem with our brain is it is very sluggish in realizing that we are eating. When you stand and eat, you may overeat because there is a misconception that the food eaten when standing will not add calories. But, if you sit and eat slowly focusing on your eating, you will allow your brain to realize what you are doing. So, you can avoid overeating.

- Another point you should keep in mind is that after eating normally, of course adopting restraint and not overeating, you should leave the room where the food items are kept. If you continue to remain in the same room, you may be tempted and may overeat.

- You should have a good night's sleep during the holiday season because psychologists say that if you do not have enough sleep, your dullness may compel you to overeat. This is because people psychologically feel that they can overcome dullness by eating more food.

- If you want to adopt these steps, you should start them this holiday season itself and that too, from the next immediate party. You should not keep planning and not starting the process. Further, you should be conscious of what you are doing. If you realize that you are overeating, you should start suggesting to yourself that you are exceeding your limits which may play havoc with your health. Self-suggestion or auto-suggestion as it is popularly called will keep reminding you constantly that you should never commit the mistake of overeating.

Following the above steps meticulously will help you in avoiding overeating during parties so that you need not worry about gaining weight in holiday seasons.


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